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GopherWerx Storeroom - Tool Crib Management Solution

Explore the GopherWerx Storeroom solution, including the GoGear CounterTop, and GoSecure applications:

Fast and Simple Checkout

Checking inventory out using the GoGear CounterTop Pro is fast and simple... 

GoGear Built-in Reporting

In this brief tutorial, we'll tour the built-in reports that come with the GoGear application (part of the GopherWerx Storeroom solution) on Dashboard.

Quick and Easy Returns

... and returning items is just as quick and easy!

How GopherWerx Storeroom Battles Inventory Shrinkage

Did you know American businesses lose an estimated $50 billion every year from shrinkage? Most of that loss is preventable.

GopherWerx Dashboard - Inventory Management Software

Explore the GopherWerx Dashboard, a cloud-based user interface that connects all the GopherWerx solutions:

Dashboard Overview

This extended tutorial guides you through all the standard features and reports available through the GopherWerx Dashboard.

Built-in Reporting for GopherWerx Storeroom

In this brief tutorial, we'll tour the built-in reports that come with the GoGear application (part of the GopherWerx Storeroom solution) on Dashboard.

Working with Locations and Users

A brief tutorial exploring the GopherWerx Dashboard's Locations and Users menus.

Built-in Reporting for GopherWerx Inventory

In this video tutorial, we'll review the built-in reports that come with the GoMobile application (part of the GopherWerx Inventory solution) on Dashboard.

GopherWerx Inventory - Inventory Management Solution

The key features of the GopherWerx Inventory solution and included GoMobile application:

Cycle Counting

With Cycle Counting with RFID and GoMobile, your work has speed. Put in what you need. You save on labor cost. See, remove and correct items with quick accuracy.

Managing Expiring Inventory

Operators can specify reasons for deletions. Move from point to point inside a location using zones. Change an item status with ease.

Zone Verification

Zone or Area Cleanup is easily accomplished giving you fast and convenient verification of item location so you know where your inventory is placed.

Adding Inventory

Scan your inventory and asset tags with ease. You can add, change, move or delete inventory items that you want. Set reasons for deletions within your inventory for better management.

Move & CleanUp Items

Proper Inventory Movement is easily accomplished and gives you faster inventory taking, bulk item tracking, instant knowledge of locations; saving on labor cost.

New Query

A powerful and versatile tool in the GopherWerx Inventory Software. Create your own searches. Be ready for any situation you have with inventory management.