As a vendor, you need to continually add value and make your customer’s life easier in order to stay competitive. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a proven, powerful way to do that, and the most effective way to establish VMI is to embed in your customer’s workflow the way powerhouses like Graingers and Fastenal have been able to.

But, how can you establish and embed a reliable VMI system your customers will appreciate without destroying ROI in the process? 

The answer is GopherWerx Storeroom for Vendors.

Why not industrial vending?

Managing consumables and reusable items, sales and rentals, monitoring stock, all while maintaining adequate security protocols and maintenance scheduling can be a logistical nightmare for your customer.

Vending machines are an option, but they’re so expensive and lack the flexibility most companies need. Many find a secure storeroom or tool crib is the best choice, but manning it 24/7 costs a fortune and leaving it unmanned leads to huge losses in shrinkage and poorly managed inventory.

A Turnkey VMI/Storeroom Solution

Part of the GopherWerx Lean Suite, the Storeroom for Vendors solution package combines elements of our popular VMI and Storeroom solutions into one streamlined package that includes everything you need:

  • Fully licensed and integrated software, including the Freedom Platform, GoGear application, GoMobile application, and GopherWerx Dashboard
  • A pre-selected and optimized hardware bundle including tags, GoGear CounterTop Pro check-in/checkout station, and handheld RFID reader
  • Detailed fitment and deployment instructions
  • Ongoing technical support and software updates
Maintain optimal visibility into your inventory and customized security in a powerful, cost-effective automated solution.

What you get “in the box”

All the features of the GopherWerx Storeroom solution, optimized for vendors.

GopherWerx Storeroom for Vendors is a powerful, scalable, and cost-effective inventory management solution specifically designed for vendors seeking a turnkey VMI solution for any storeroom or tool crib environment. To learn more and receive a personal demo, fill out the form below and a representative will contact you.