Key Features

Fast, Fully Supported Installation

Your brand new GopherWerx Inventory Management and asset tracking solution will be installed by experienced experts, quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact on facility operations. 

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Plug-and-play Integration

The GopherWerx Inventory Management solution comes preloaded with off-the-shelf integrations for all the most popular barcode or RFID-based inventory databases, labels, printers, readers, and more. If it's not instantly compatible for what you're already using, we can facilitate a custom integration or facilitate a switch to a compatible choice.

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Seamless, Fool-proof Implementation

Never used RFID technology before? No problem. Old pros, ready to handle your own upgrade? Also no problem. The GopherWerx team can do as much or as little as you need to get you up and running seamlessly.

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Additional Features

Manage Inventory

GoMobile allows for wireless scanning of inventory/asset tags, giving the ability to add, change, move or delete inventory items. Operators can specify custom reasons for status changes so the solution fits your workflow.

Perishables Management

GoMobile allows for associating dates of expiration with individual assets. This means that the operator can query on the device to find items that are nearing expiration, reducing spoilage and associated waste.

Cycle Counts

GoMobile allows for a greatly simplified cycle counting process: Operators may cycle count by SKU or Zone, or build and save their own custom inventory queries. With granular data on individual items, it's faster and easier to balance out inventory without shutting down production.

Indirect Scanning (RFID only)

The nature of RFID is that it will scan all items in an area – meaning sometimes items are unintentionally scanned. Typical RFID systems ignore this additional information, however GoMobile does not. By collecting indirect scans, expands contextual data to include the last time non-targeted items items were physically scanned.

Inventory Reporting

GoMobile has inventory reporting capabilities native to the handheld as well as web-based reporting through the GopherWerx Dashboard. Both have the capability to give snapshot information, and the Dashboard includes a list of built-in reports as well as the ability to create custom reports as needed.