Case Study for a PaperMill

How Our Product Helped

The Paper Mill replaced their system with the GopherWerx Checkout solution. They had found that they had errors in the storeroom which weren't caught.

Customer Goals & Objectives

•Provide efficient inventory control levels
•Better inventory visibility and more efficient reporting
•Record keeping for storeroom

Missing/wrong items, theft, or no user accountability were a regular event. So, they installed GopherWerx Checkout Solution and GopherWerx Security.

They began tagging all items in storeroom using GopherWerx Tagging Software. The RFID tag accounted for all inventory. The item(s) were “Checked Out” on the Point of Sale (POS) if it left the storeroom. GopherWerx Security saw any item(s) that didn't get “Checked Out”. Any items walked away with GopherWerx Security saw it. Customer was able to log into their dashboard for real time data. Viewing their custom reports became easy. The software gave them 24/7 Operations without a clerk to take stock by hand.

Customer Benefits

Security / Accountability
Inventory control / visibillity
Real time data and asset visibility