Case Study for a PaperMill

The Paper Mill added their system with our GoMobile solution. Customer was able to see their inventory. They could see what they had on stock, where it was, and its status. GoMobile (Tagging) asset tracking and management system helped reduce loss. They increased work rate by labeling and tagging all assets. It tracked changes to an asset location (zone), status. It also told them if it was available. This was the key to real time data and true asset information and view.

Customer Goals & Objectives

•Reduced labor time for cycle counts and inventory confirmation
•Reliability and ability to locate equipment
•Record keeping and ability to locate equipment

How Our Product Helped

The customer wanted to replace their current asset management solution. They had many errors in the storeroom by manual counting. Time spent looking for or doing inventory became a major issue. Due to understocked inventory, they lost revenue in their business. The company had 12,000 SKUs with two storeroom floors. Each of the 150 Zones (locations) had close to 150-900 tagged items. They were able to lower their cost.

Customer Benefits

Reduced Inventory Labor by 75% Increased Asset Yield / Turnover by 20%
Increased Asset Yield / Turnover by 20%
Asset Visibility dramatically increased with on-demand reports