August 30, 2017

GopherWerx Inventory

Key Features

Fast, Fully Supported Installation

Your brand new GopherWerx Inventory Management and asset tracking solution will be installed by experienced experts, quickly and efficiently, with minimal impact on facility operations. 

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Plug-and-play Integration

The GopherWerx Inventory Management solution comes preloaded with off-the-shelf integrations for all the most popular inventory databases, RFID labels, RFID printers, RFID readers, and more. If it's not instantly compatible for what you're already using, we can develop a custom integration or facilitate a switch to a compatible choice.

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Seamless, Fool-proof Implementation

Never used RFID technology before? No problem. Old pros, ready to handle your own upgrade? Also no problem. The GopherWerx team can do as much or as little as you need to get you up and running seamlessly.

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Additional Features

Customizable Security Protocol

GopherWerx Inventory's modular design supports the level of security you need in the most efficient and effective configuration for any asset management need. Combining ID authentication, security level access, full-featured log segmentation, and more, the GopherWerx solution can facilitate whatever level of security as you need.

Flexible Identification Methods

GopherWerx Inventory Management provides for user identification by a number of methods including barcode, card swipe, UHF, NFC or simply typing in a username/password. Additionally, if access management isn't a top priority, the system can be easily configured to record inventory movement without requiring a user ID.

Cycle Counts

Achieve more granular inventory control and asset management by not only automatically reading each item's check-in or check-out status, but also tracking the number of pass-throughs or cycles per item, per zone, or however makes sense for your application; Limit the number of uses on a given item or job to facilitate safety compliance and inspection schedules; Customize the interface to enable streamlined tracking of one‐time or recirculating items.

Job Based Consumption

Beyond knowing if an item is back in stock or not, the accountants are going to want to know which job accounted for which consumables being used and how much wear can be attributed to reusable items. GopherWerx Inventory Management solutions enable the user to associate an item they're checking out to a specific job number so that the system's built-in reporting engine can provide a full list of items consumed for each specific job.

GoSupply Plug-In

GoSupply Plug-In. When pairing the GopherWerx GoGear App and GoSupply App, your vendor operators are able to see in depth information regarding consumption volumes and replenishment needs for their customers.