Lean Suite Solution Provides 75% Savings for Busy Paper Mill


•Reduced labor time for cycle counts and inventory confirmation
•Reliability and ability to locate equipment
•Record keeping and ability to locate equipment

The Challenge

A busy, growing paper mill was struggling with inaccurate and inefficient inventory data in a highly-dynamic manufacturing and processing environment. They had over 12,000 SKUs spread over two large storeroom floors. Since they were relying on physically counting and recording inventory, it was a time-consuming, labor-intensive process and littered with errors. They knew trying to keep up using the tools on hand was costing far more time and money than necessary, specifically due to:

  • Time and effort spent hunting down inventory
  • Time and effort trying to keep up with manual inventory management
  • Loss of revenue due to understock inventory

The GopherWerx Solution

We integrated their supplies management solution with an RFID-based version of GopherWerx Inventory, one of the bundled solutions developed within the Lean Suite. This ended up splitting their vast storerooms into more than 150 Zones (virtual locations), with each zone containing 150-900 tagged items.

This allowed paper mill leadership to gain total visibility into their inventory: what items they had in stock, where each item was in their facility, and its current status. This level of real-time data and accuracy down to the individual SKU and the wider Zone made their inventory management tasks far more efficient.

GopherWerx Inventory helped this paper mill reduce loss and increase productivity by labeling and tagging all assets,  tracking changes to an asset location (zone) within the facility, status, and availability.


•Reduced inventory management labor costs by 75%
•Increased asset yield / turnover by 20%
•Dramatically improved asset visibility with on-demand reports