A suite of tools for managing the manufacturing process and supply chain at scale

The GopherWerx Lean Suite is a functional foundation for nearly endless possibilities in manufacturing and supply chain management. It is designed to facilitate:

  • Vendor tagging and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Inbound receiving confirmation and receiving-based tagging
  • Raw materials and WIP inventory tagging, cycle counting, updating, and reporting
  • WIP tracking
  • Zone and status changes
  • Zone inventory depletion and replenishment
  • Finished goods inventory tagging, cycle counting, updating, reporting, and availability alerts
  • Outbound shipping confirmation and shipping-based tagging for VMI functions

Case Study

Paper Mill

GopherWerx Inventory (a bundled solution developed within the Lean Suite) helped this paper mill reduce loss and increase productivity by labeling and tagging all assets, tracking changes to an asset location (zone) within the facility, status, and availability.

Use Case Highlights

Dynamic Tagging
Add and Change Items using GoMobile
Scan and Delete Items Using GoMobile
Cycle Count Using GoMobile
Location Management Using Dashboard
Patron Reporting Using Dashboard