Everything you need to manage everything you have…

A Modular Approach to Business Solutions

Guiding a modern organization to sustainable growth and profitably is not easy, especially at scale. There are a thousand potential roadblocks that trip up most companies, and most come from within. 

Managing your workflows, inventory, quality program, and other internal processes can add tremendous value. But, figuring out how to best do so isn’t easy either.

  1. You can buy someone else’s premade solution, hoping it will fit your unique situation, or… 
  2. You can invest the time and resources into creating your own custom solution to every management challenge your company faces.

There’s another option

The concept behind GopherWerx is deceptively simple: We’ve invested in the research and development so you don’t have to. We’ve created the building blocks for thousands of potential packaged solutions, and they’re all just waiting for your input.

The secret behind this modular approach is our proprietary GopherWerx Application Suites.

The Application Suites

Nine Applications — Five Suites — Thousands of Potential Solutions


The following nine “building block” applications have been exclusively developed for the GopherWerx Application Suites:

  • GoTrack: A tracking application to manage anything that moves or changes.
  • GoVerify: A verification engine to confirm or deny anything that matters. 
  • GoMobile: A scanning application to put control in the palm of your hand.
  • GoGear: A check-in/checkout application to integrate and automate transactions.
  • GoDock: An integrated application for managing shipping and receiving. 
  • GoDisplay: An application designed to make everything you manage visual.
  • Tagging: An application for managing the creation, assignment, and decommissioning of RFID tags (the heart of all the other apps.) 
  • Dashboard: The back office control room housing your solution’s configuration and reporting engine.
  • Integration: All the nuts and bolts that make the other apps play nice together and with all your other hardware and software. 

Application Suites

By combining those applications in various ways, we’ve developed five Application Suites to cover a huge range of use cases:

  • Asset Suite: Asset/inventory management
  • Lean Suite: Supply chain management
  • Quality Suite: (Coming soon!) Quality control and inspection management
  • Personnel Suite:  (Coming soon!) Safety, security, and activity management
  • Store Suite:  (Coming soon!) Retail, rental, and transactional management

Packaged Solutions

Within each Application Suite, combinations can be configured that perfectly match the solutions YOUR company needs. Currently, the following Packaged Solutions have already been developed, tested, and deployed:

Dozens of additional Packaged Solutions are currently in development, and yours could be next! Contact GopherWerx to discuss your company’s unique needs, and we can let you know when your Packaged Solution can be ready!