Friday Fundamentals: What Is Toolcrib Management?

Finding the right tools at the right time is important when you’re running a successful business. A lot of time is wasted when you have to look for tools in several different areas before finding the one that’s needed. This problem can multiple when there are many people who are using the same tools and there are hundreds or even thousands of tools on hand.

Keeping track of tools and being able to find them quickly is crucial to an organization’s bottom line. Using toolcrib management is an effective way to speed up the process of finding the right tool when it’s needed.

About Toolcrib Management

Tool crib management is an effective means of organizing your tools. It’s not just about having an organized storeroom to keep the tools in, it’s also about having a system in place to ensure that you know exactly where every tool is at any given time.

While this may sound simple, it’s not when you have a large inventory. It becomes even more complicated when you use a mix of owned and rented tools, when tools are going out to multiple jobsites, and when you’re trying to control shrinkage problems too.

Those who have worked as a inventory manager knows that storing tools, tracking their use, and verifying their return can quickly become a challenge.

Why You Need Toolcrib Management

Tool crib management increases productivity. Finding the correct tools means that workers can do their jobs with minimal interruptions. Imagine your employees stopping their work, deciding they need a different tool, and then spending 20 minutes finding it. In those 20 minutes, they could have been done with the job. Having an organized system in place and using it to guarantee the right tool is always available in the right place at the right time increases productivity, which saves you money.

Limiting tool theft and accidental losses are two other benefits of tool crib management. When you have pristine records of every tool, where they are, when they are being used, and when they are returned, you can track down their whereabouts quickly. If a tool is stolen, you know who the last person was who used it. If it gets lost, you have record of where it was last placed, so you can find it without a problem.

How to Do Toolcrib Management

The following basic components make up the core of every successful tool crib management program:

Inventory Software and Hardware

You need inventory management software to track the tools. Complementary hardware (such as RFID antennas and readers, or barcode scanners) need to integrate with that software to allow for fast and efficient check-ins and checkouts. 

Tool Crib Manager

In some organizations, effective tool crib management relies on a manager overseeing the tool crib full time. This doesn’t have to be a stand-alone job, and may be part of the responsibilities of a department supervisor. However, the more automated and secure your storeroom management solution is, the less necessary a manned tool crib becomes.


Determine Process for Use and Return

There should be an established process for checking out a tool and then returning it, and everyone who accesses the tool crib should be aware of the process. While some organizations use a physical log book or an Excel spreadsheet, the most reliable and secure method of processing check-ins and checkouts is an active or passive RFID transaction.

Monitor the Database

Having an efficient system in place, you can easily monitor and analyze the data the system is collecting day in and day out. With an effective reporting engine included in the database system, you should be able to use your storeroom management solution to anticipate restock or low stock issues, identify fast- and slow-movers in the current stock, and battle shrinkage (among other excellent goals.)


Getting Started with Toolcrib Management

We know getting started with tool crib management can be quite overwhelming, but we can help you. We have experience working with many organizations who have benefited from our tool crib management solution, GopherWerx Storeroom, and we can do the same for you.

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