Announcing the Official Release of GopherWerx Inventory

The GopherWerx Inventory asset management solution

Designed from the ground up to be simple, intuitive, and convenient, the GopherWerx Inventory asset management solution will enhance your current inventory management situation with as little disruption as possible:

  • Works with RFID or Barcode
  • Includes all the hardware and software needed to serve as a standalone solution
  • Installed by deployment experts on location
  • Setup and deployment includes import of existing SKUs and inventory to prevent tedious data entry
  • Support and software updates available for the life of the solution
  • Can be paired with additional GopherWerx applications for enhanced power and functionality:
    • GoDrop - RFID-based inventory consumption application
    • GoGear - CounterTop Pro or porthole-based automated check-in/check-out interface
    • GoSecure - Customizable security suite to protect against loss and theft
  • Engineered for flexible scalability
The Software

GopherWerx inventory management software...

GopherWerx Dashboard
Screenshot of the GopherWerx Dashboard

GopherWerx Inventory runs off a proprietary database developed from the ground up with ease of use, scalability, and flexibility in mind.

The GopherWerx GoMobile application, running on any of a number of compatible rugged handheld RFID or barcode scanners, utilizes a touchscreen (tablet or PC monitor) with simple, user-friendly controls to allow lightning-fast scanning, status changes, and audits. That improves efficiency and keeps the workers on the floor happy. Users can also access top-level reporting for real-time verifications and quality checks right in the warehouse.

On the backend, the GopherWerx Dashboard provides an intuitive administrative headquarters for inventory management, including access to all available reports, all connected locations and zones, and a full history of both owned and rented assets, whether reusable or consumable. 

Off-the-shelf reports include: 

  • Average Age of Inventory
  • Inventory by Zone
  • Inventory Activity
  • Inventory Verification

... powered by Freedom RFID

Like all the GopherWerx solutions, the heart of GopherWerx Inventory is the Freedom RFID inventory management platform and SDK

Every GopherWerx application is built on the Freedom RFID platform, which allows a developer to communicate with RFID and non-RFID hardware and software controls. It seamlessly connects the application with a large selection of hardware and software configurations as well as the Bridge, Freedom RFID's proprietary database, which can operate as the primary or secondary data engine in any solution setup.

Tagging - If you wish to print and/or use your own RFID tags, you're welcome to do so. However, as a value-added service, GopherWerx Inventory can integrate with select printers, which we can source for you. Or, we can coordinate the printing and assignment of tags on your behalf. (Fees apply.) 

While the GopherWerx solutions - including Inventory - are basically ready to use out of the box, the platform and SDK are designed for customization and scaling to accommodate any needs, no matter how unique. By leveraging the Freedom RFID platform, integrating with GopherWerx and other Marketplace Partners' solutions is a breeze. If you like what you see, but your organization needs something above and beyond what's currently available via GopherWerx, contact Freedom RFID directly to explore custom options.  


The Hardware

gopherwerx inventory

In Inventory's RFID iteration (pictured), all the magic happens in the rugged handheld mobile scanner, running the GopherWerx GoMobile application.

This tough and resilient handheld scanner contains all the state-of-the-art equipment needed to:

  • Scan all RFID tags within range, no matter the size or shape of the tagged object
  • Check inventory anywhere with an integrated mobile handheld device (included)
  • Just scan and collect data or take action directly from the handheld

There's no limit to the number of rugged handheld units you can link together to manage multiple zones or locations, making GopherWerx Inventory an infinitely scalable solution for anyone seeking new and exciting ways to improve the customer's experience while enhancing visibility into inventory and efficiency in the warehouse. Even large organizations with multiple warehouse locations across the country can run their entire operation via one instance of Inventory in each location. The cloud-based inventory management system (powered by Freedom RFID) does the rest.

*Although it looks a little different, the Inventory Barcode iteration includes the same core features. (Exception: by its nature, barcode scanning is slower than RFID since the scanner must register each barcode individually.)

The Possibilities

The GopherWerx Inventory system - including the rugged handheld and backing GoMobile software - are just the beginning of what's possible!

The following modular add-ons are either already available or currently in development to further expand and enhance your inventory management solution: 

  • GoSecure - Protect your valuable assets from theft and human error by including as many layers of security as necessary for your situation. Set up the GoSecure system to operate security cameras with images and/or video tied to each transaction, sound an alarm and/or flashing lights if a tagged item leaves the secured area without being appropriately checked out, and much more.
  • GoDrop - Use the simple GoDrop box to instantly decommission RFID tags that are no longer needed. Avoid the hassle and confusion of reused or misread labels while saving time on unnecessary and repetitive data entry.
  • GoGear (Storeroom) - Since all GopherWerx solutions operate on the same platform and connect to the GopherWerx Dashboard interface, expanding your existing inventory management solution into a secure storeroom or tool crib is fast and simple. The GoGear application, running on the CounterTop Pro scanning system, facilitates lightning fast check-in and check-out while collecting reams of useful data. The GoMobile add-on takes your Storeroom solution out of the storeroom for on-the-go scanning. The RFID version can speed up standard inventory reconciliation tremendously over manual counts or even barcode scanning, while reducing human error.

You can expect further valuable add-ons to be developed and improved continually, so your investment in GopherWerx Inventory will keep increasing in value.

Two Ways to Pay

Take it and run with it...
One-time fee
Gopherwerx Inventory

GoMobile Inventory Management Application

Platform Location License (1st year)

Inventory Rugged Mobile Setup

Inventory - Tier 1 Support and Updates (1st Year)

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